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This particular language footballers cheap womens lingerie  stand trial in underage prostitution case ROME French footballers Franck bare necessities lingerie Ribery and Karim Benzema continue on trial in Paris about Tuesday reproached of investing in sex using a teenage phone girl. 

Bayern Munich cheap womens lingerie winger Ribery and Real This town striker Benzema have been underneath investigation inside their home country for over two years about allegations of paying Zahia Dehar, a minor, with respect to sex in 2008 and 2009. non-e of them are supposed to appear discount plus size lingerie on the criminal court docket for the trial that is certainly expected to work until Summer 26. The ruling may come eventually. The scandal, cheap womens lingerie which subjected footballers' tastes for flings and partying, came ahead of the 2010 World Cup, further damaging the image of a People from france squad already tarnished by internal bickering, public tantrums and defeats. Algerian-born Dehar, now 21, has since become developer Karl Lagerfeld's muse and protégée, launching her personal lingerie series. 

 The footballers could be sentenced to up to three years in jail and fines of 45, 000 euros in the event that found guilty of soliciting the services of an underage prostitute. Condition prosecutors possess requested the case be dropped, however , arguing the footballers did not know Dehar was a minimal. Under France's legal system, prosecutors, who also represent the state, can open an investigation and appoint impartial judges to lead it. Because the exploration moves along, prosecutors can change their mind and recommend dropping the case, but the judges can ignore this advice and call a trial anyway. 

 In accordance to court documents, Dehar had been a prostitute since the age of 15 or 16, but would tell clients the woman was 18. She said she was flown in from Paris to Munich in 2009 to get Ribery's 26th birthday party in a luxury resort, and that he paid her 700 euros to get sex. Ribery has identified the encounter but said he did not know the woman was underage, nor that she was a prostitute. He said he only gave her 200 euros for any taxi ride to the airport. Ribery's lawyer, Carlo-Alberto Brusa, said his client was innocent and should not be expected to show up in court. "In French legislation, it's not forbidden to create love to a woman and even to pay her for it, what is forbidden is to do it with a minor, " he told Reuters. "When a woman travels around Europe by plane, can you imagine thinking for one second that she actually is a minor? " Benzema is usually suspected to have paid 500 euros in May 2008 to have sex with Dehar, after that 16, in the suite of a Paris resort. He offers denied any encounter and his lawyer said he would not comment on the case before the beginning of the trial. Dehar's lawyer did not respond to asks for for brief review.