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Micro Bikini Swimsuit - How to Make a Small Bust Look Fuller With Cleavage in a Bikini
If you have been blessed with a small bust and you want to wear a micro bikini swimsuit to the beach that will give the illusion of having cleavage and a fuller chest, there are ways that you can achieve these results without having surgery for breast enlargement. To learn which bikini tops and styles will show the most cleavage depends upon how much skin you want to reveal in public. This article will teach you how to carefully shop for swimsuits that will make your bust line look bigger by accentuating the shape of your breasts. Before we begin, please know that you have many areas on your body besides your breasts that you can highlight or draw attention to.  

Everyone has an area or two that they would like to change or enhance, especially when it comes to slipping into a tiny little number like a Brazilian bare necessities lingerie. With all that aside, however, let's help you get started in finding that perfect bikini. If you have a boxy, thin, or boyish frame, regardless if you are short, average height, or tall, you can change the appearance of your upper body shape by learning three rules. When selecting a micro bikini swimsuit top, pay attention to: 1) the armholes, 2) the design line that goes along the underside of the breasts, and 3) the neckline. Each of these three elements work together to give you a bikini top that shows cleavage the best. 

 Check to see if the bikini top has an underarm section that supports the sides of the garment near the armholes, since if the design is correctly done, the armhole section will lift the skin of the breast area up rather than allowing it to lay flat or flush with the fabric. Now check along the line at the base of the bikini's top to see if the cut-off line under the breasts helps to push the skin up, and thus, gives you the appearance of more of your bust pushing up and outward from your swimsuit. Try to find a bikini top that is similar to your breasts' shape. If your breasts are horizontally oblong, then choose a top with bikini cups that look thinner and wider than rounder or more square. Make sure the top is truly comfortable when you wear it. You don't want a top that pinches your skin or cuts off your blood circulation. 

 Another suggestion is to select a online lingerie shopping top that appears to allow the breasts to rest on a shelf, like a Victorian bustier style. You can also choose a size smaller, both in the cup size and the overall measurement. Sometimes going one size smaller will feel comfortable enough, yet will still expose more of your breasts and given the appearance of cleavage. It's extremely important to take your time when viewing bikini tops that will complement your shape and figure. Promise yourself that you will not compromise a suit that looks gorgeous on you but isn't available in your most favorite color. Get the size, style, and look right, and the color won't be all that important since you'll feel and look awesome when you wear your suit. Let's move on with a few more tips for finding a new suit for you. Again, take your time, and look for those tops that allow you to make manual adjustments to the sizing, such as tops with bows, ties, hooks, or snaps that you can adjust that will help you show off your cleavage. Once you've bought the bikini that enhances your bust line, make sure you apply plenty of tanning oil or lotion to your chest area to keep it looking healthy and shiny. To have that vibrant and sexy-looking skin, you will want to buy and use oils and lotions with lots of cocoa butter and Vitamin E.